Novant Hospital Racism

Dr. Ashutosh ‘Ron’ Virmani, a renowned obstetrics and gynaecologist specialist did his M.D. from New Jersey Medical School in the year 1985. He always had the ambition to help the people in getting back to their basic health. Keeping this in mind, he joined Novant Presbyterian hospital in the year 1990 as the ob-gyn physician.

In the year 1994, a medical mishap changed his entire career. A known medical complication to a patient costed him his career and his desire to help the patients revive and get back on their life. The hospital ignored all the set by-laws and took away all his privileges as a medical staff.

Dr Virmani has helped infinite number of patients irrespective of his work timings and other personal stuff. He has always given top priority to the hospital and mainly to the patients. The patients knew that Dr. Virmani would always be there listening to their problems and treating them accordingly. With so much love towards his profession and patients, Dr. Virmani can never intentionally harm any of his patients. All the medical emergencies or surgeries come with a little known risks and the incident that happened in the year 1994 was one such case.

Thus, spoiling his name or taking away the rights to help medically ill people is just not what he deserves. His great knowledge, love towards his patients and family and the overall concern he has for the people around makes him one of the best doctors in the country.

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